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Goats which make Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese

Capricorn British Saanen goat

Saanen are white in colour. They tend to be quiet and placid animals – certainly more placid than the mischievous British Toggenburgs. Although quiet, they are intelligent with an inquisitive nature and extremely affectionate. Even better they have a well earned reputation for producing consistently high quality milk.


About Capricorn British Toggengurg Goats
Our Toggenburg-type goats are mostly brown in colour with white markings. They are much more daring than our Saanens and are a mischievous bunch. However, they can be just as affectionate and life is never dull with these characters around.

Capricorn's British Alpine goat

About Capricorn's British Alpine Goats
The Alpine goats are not as easy going and as placid as the Saanens, or as daring and mischievous as the Toggenburgs. The average Alpine has its own detached, almost aristocratic air. A distinctly regal attitude is enhanced by a sleek, jet black coat with discreet white markings, which gives the Alpine a real sense of aloofness.


About Capricorn's Anglo Nubian Goats
That endearing roman nose and droopy ears makes these the favourites for some of our farmers. They come in quite a range of colours and are more highly strung than other breeds. As cheese makers we appreciate their value as they produce milk with a higher butter fat (you could say the “Channel Island breed” for goats).

Capricorn's Anglo Nubian Goat

The goats that provide our milk are a colourful bunch and each has an individual character.  The farms use 3-4 main breeds and then cross them to produce the best milking nannies.  Each breed has its own special characteristics and even their own personality.

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